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1. Customer Consultation

N2Granite customers have the opportunity to meet with one of our talented showroom consultants. Their in-depth natural stone knowledge will assist you select the perfect stone or material for your project, go over all the details of the project, help with the design concept, and answer any questions that you might have. The estimate will be based on the selections made for the project.

2. Customer Selection

Browse our large lot of granite and stone options to find the perfect one. There are many questions and concerns that we will be glad to address with you. When you make your appointment to visit the N2Granite showroom, please allow 1-1 ½ hours for your initial consultation. We want to make every effort to make your visit a productive and pleasant experience.

3. Estimating Your Project

Estimates can be done by using the building blueprints, cabinet layouts, or drawings that are provided by the customer. Stone color and choice, edge profile, backsplashes and risers, sink options and other custom designs will determine the price of the project. Remember, that this is just a tool for estimating. Actual costs for the project will be verified when the definite templates have been made for the project.  Any changes in pricing will be approved by the customer before proceeding with the installation of the project. Once the estimate is completed and approved, a detailed written work order will be created and will need to be signed by the customer. This work order will itemize the work that is to be performed on the project. The price of the total project will be divided into two payments. A material deposit will hold the material selections until the project is ready for template and fabrication. The remaining balance of the project will be due upon installation of the project. The payment can be made with cash, check or debit/credit card. 

4. Templates

When the cabinets have been completely installed, then a template (pattern) will be made to use for cutting the project. A template is made using a material made of wood called Lauan. The template is a pattern of the cabinet layout and determines the shape and size of the final project.

5. Fabrication

Once the templates are completed, they are returned to the fabrication department. The project will then be cut from the stone slabs using the template pattern. All edge details and design work will be applied to the project at this time. Every top is custom made for your project and is hand crafted by our talented team of N2Granite fabricators.

6. Installation

When the fabrication of the project is complete, our install team will take the finished tops to the job site to be installed. Most installations take only one day to complete.

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