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How long will it take to complete my project?

N2Granite recommends allowing 2-4 weeks for the project to be complete.  Every project and situation is different and certain circumstances and building restrictions will dictate the final outcome of the schedule.  Most of our customers contact us the moment they get the install date of their cabinets.  N2Granite can then schedule the template according to the cabinet install date.  The finished product will then be installed 7-10 business days from the template date.  This is provided that all information and selections have been made and are on file at our office prior to the cabinet install.  Planning and communication are very vital and can prevent scheduling conflicts.

I am thinking of remodeling my kitchen in an older home. How can I be sure that granite will work?

Just remember that every project is different, and with a remodel project there are so many things to consider.  Unless you built the home or know about the construction of your home, together we will be entering into “the world of the unknown.”  N2Granite will be happy to send a consultant to your home to assess your current situation, but please remember that it is almost impossible to address all situations with remodel projects.  N2Granite will require that the existing countertops be removed prior to your template.  It is the only way to check for levelness of the cabinetry, check for walls that are out of square and other issues that may need to be addressed before the new tops are installed.  View our “What to expect for Remodel Projects” sheet that contains more details

Will I need to be present at the project site for the template and install?

It is very important that the homeowner or supervisor of the project to be present for the template to verify that all the information on the project is correct and no changes have been made since the initial consultation and estimate was made.  The template technician will go over details of the project such as seam locations, countertop overhang options, plumbing fixture location, etc.  After the project is completely installed, the customer will need to inspect and sign a completion form.

How do I clean my natural stone countertops?

N2Granite will provide you with a detailed “Care and Maintenance” sheet for your new countertops.  They are sealed and treated with a 10-year sealer prior to being installed on your project.  N2Granite recommends re-sealing your countertops only when you begin to notice that water does not “bead up” on the countertops.  A full line of products for cleaning and care are available at our showroom.

Do you offer a warranty?

Natural stone are a product of nature, therefore making it impossible to provide a warranty against the material itself.  N2Granite will however warrant our installation for 1 year after the stone is installed.  This will include redoing seams that may have separated due to settlement of the job site.

Do I need to view the slabs for my project?

N2Granite recommends that you view the material that has been selected for your project. This is to ensure that the stone you select is exactly what you are looking for. As stated before, every slab is unique and will have its own characteristics.

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